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Hibiscus Rosemary Dill Parsley Basil Marjoram Calendula Chamomile Spearmint Peppermint Molokhia Henna Lemon Grass Guava Paper

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Coriander Cinnamon Yellow Lemon Dried Black Lemon Dried Kurkum Thyme Laurel Cloves

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Caraway Fennel Anise White Sesame Golden Sesame Sun Flower Nut (White) Sun Flower Nut (Striped) Clover White Kidney Beans Sorghum seeds Fenugreek

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About Egy Herbs

Egy Herbs For Import & Export is a family owned company; it was founded in 1986 as a grower and producer of Herbs, Spices and Seeds, then we started manufacturing our own production to be distributed by the local exporting agents and offices, afterwards we decided to export our own production ourselves as we are known all over Egypt that we are the specialists in these fields to present Good Quality for competitive prices.

Egy Herbs

Our Markets

We export our production to the world wide i.e. (Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay,Srilanka ,Singapor ………etc

20 +

Years Experience

We have long experience in this trade because of our presence in some countries in the region , which means the number and diversity Products, and we invite you to discover our experience.

3000 +

Happy Customers

We have more than 3000 happy and satisfied customers, and we are working to provide the best service for them around the clock

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We have many certificates  ( ISO 9001 : 2015) Quality Management system  , ( ISO 22000 : 2005)

The benefits Of Herbs Seeds Spices

Spices and herbs are differentiated botanically based on their sources of different plant parts. Herbs come from leafy green parts of plants, such as mint and basil, while spices are obtained from barks, stems, roots, flowers, fruit and seeds, such as cinnamon and ginger. Spices and herbs are commonly used as natural tenderizers for meats and seasonings to enhance flavours of soup, meat, vegetables, and drinks, but did you know they also provide significant health benefits ?

benefits of Herbs

Health benefits of herbs Consuming herbs may help to prevent and manage heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It may also help to reduce blood clots and provide anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties

benefits of Seeds

Seeds are great sources of fiber. They also contain healthy monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and many important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. When consumed as part of a healthy diet, seeds can help reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure

benefits of Spices

Spices and herbs such as clove, rosemary, sage, oregano, and cinnamon are excellent sources of antioxidants with their high content of phenolic compounds. It is evident that frequent consumption of spicy foods was also linked to a lower risk of death from cancer and ischemic heart and respiratory system diseases

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